Your art journal is a great place for the intuitive power of collage. While you can build and arrange a collaged page according to a plan, it's really fun and often powerful to give your creative self free reign. To let your mind release control and let your intuition guide you as you choose your images (shapes, color, line, pattern...), combine and alter them. Just play.

You'll often be amazed at what you can create by power of intuition alone.

The process is a conversation that goes something like this:

 You survey your art table filled with scattered papers, fabrics, found objects. "What's next?"

Something catches your eye. "That."


Silence. [unnerving, yes, but you come to understand that the language of your intuition is image not words.]

"Okayyyy... Where?"

You try this spot and then that and then..."Oh yes. Here." And you glue it down.

Then, "What's next?"

And sure enough, when you look back at your papers scattered everywhere, just the right next thing jumps out at you. Wow, you think, wow.

And the conversation continues.