Hello! Welcome!

My name is Denise Herman and I am now the proud owner Createful, a new community mixed art studio opening January 2016 in San Rafael, California.  In this small, cozy studio, I bring people together who want more creativity in their lives, and as we create and learn together my greatest hope is that I get to watch others discover the power inside them, the power everyone possesses—the power of their creative selves.

Createful is my newest creation and I couldn't be more excited! But you know what? 

It all started with my art journal.

I started art journaling over five years ago. At that time I was someone who had forgotten that she used to enjoy creative projects of all kinds (call it creative amnesia of the soul), I could no longer take it. I felt compelled to reconnect with my creative self again.

And as it often happens that we stumble upon just that something we need, one day a friend shared her art journal and talked about this "new thing" called art journaling. Then, I found others on the internet. And oh my!  I loved the work people were doing! My heart soared!

Finally, after a lot of fear about "how" and "what" and "what if"...remember, I had creative amnesiam, I started. I started art journaling.

After that, I just kept going. And going! Art journaling became an obsession, something I most definitely had to do. I attended classes and workshops. I art journaled like a mad woman. I loved it!

And then a really crazy thing happened. I wanted to make other art things again. I wanted to play with all those art supplies I was learning how to use. I started experimenting with canvases, handmade books, cards and ATCs and...then I remembered how much I always loved fabric and thread and discovered fiber art...

Soon I was making mixed media pieces, too.

And in the middle of all this, there came a time when I felt compelled to share.

I began finding others who wanted to art and learn, we formed a weekly arting group...I started teaching others...

Meanwhile, I continued to art journal almost every day and I explored mixed media, collage and fiber art like the mad woman I (most joyfully) am.

And now, I'm opening a mixed media art studio. For others to jump on this path, too.

I credit all of this transformation to my art journaling practice.

 It brought me back to my Heart, and I simply want to share it with as many people as I can.

Everyone has a different creative path. What I am compelled to make is probably different from what calls you. But I do know this: everyone is creative and we all have something to create. Some people love to create objects, while others might love to create experiences or environments or other things like stories or buildings, gardens or music, photographs or movies...

No matter what you're called to create—even and especially when you don't know—

I hope you will take your art journal with you.