Fall is For Art Journaling—Let’s Go!

Hi guys,

I hope you had a delightful holiday weekend (in the states). I sure did—enjoyed just the right amount of appetizers and cocktails, quiet art time and productive planning sessions. And now I’m rarin’ my way into fall.

Wait. Stop. I had to look that one up. Did you know that the idiom “rarin’ to go” probably means rearing to go, which means “to stand on one’s hind legs”— as in an undisciplined horse who is anxious to go and rears up on its hind legs?

Or Rufus (our dog) when we say the word “walk” or “hike” or, god forbid, “beach”. Ahem.

Anyway, I like that image very much and it pretty much describes how I’m feeling as summer makes its long and luxurious exit. I think I should make a page of mammalian me in my art journal, my front paws reaching up to the (clear, blue) sky: summer is over (dry, dry land in drought-parched California), fall is here (deep and saturated light). The text—Let’s go!

Let there be rain. Let there be crisp new art and friends and learning—new skills, new ideas,  new ways of making our way into the world with more light and laughter.

I will make that page in my art journal. What about you?  

What might you create to express your feelings about the upcoming season in your life?

(I think that’s an art prompt for you…should you choose to accept it (Do it, do!)

In the meantime…

The Latest around here is that I’ve added two more pieces to the website for you.


The first filed in Notes from the Inner Ground talks more about the Inner Critic. In The Inner Critic’s Seven Best Weapons, we go over the subtle but very effective ways the Inner Critic works to sabotage our creative efforts. It’s an eye opener and potentially a game changer for anyone who struggles to add more creativity into their lives. It might not be just that critical voice that keeps you from facing your fears.


The second new piece is a Tutorial Round-Up filled with links to great hand lettering tutorials for art journalers.  While I don’t want to be a professional hand letterer, I am learning and practicing lettering in my journals so that I can include text in different visual and personally expressive ways. So I thought I’d share links to some of the people I’ve learned from for your art journaling pleasure. Enjoy!

Creatively, I’m at a place where I can’t make and learn fast enough.

What about you?

Some say that here in the northern hemisphere we get this burst of energy to jump into a new season because we are so used to starting a new school year. But I don’t know. I think we all just naturally turn our attention back to our lives after (hopefully) a lot of summer R&R. If we took that needed time to disconnect and rejuvenate, we are, well, standing on our hind legs rarin’ to go!

So what are you working on? What are your plans?

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I’m working in my four art journals, each giving me a space to play and create or learn skills and techniques or focus on my inner self—or, as in the case of my personal art journal, all of the above.

All this art journaling propels my creativity and somehow I find myself also creating collage canvases and other kinds of mixed media pieces, teaching my next class (the first fall session begins tonight!), and I’m working on a couple of new projects I’m excited about and will share, soon.

If you are feeling the need to be creative, I hope you will open up your art journal and start creating. From there, your creativity will be sure to flow into all kinds of other projects.

You may feel some resistance at first. Especially if you’re new to art journaling or have been away from it for a while.

Don’t let that stop you!

Gather your essential supplies or close your door to your studio filled with all the supplies you want), go to a quiet place and let yourself create.

f you’re unsure of where to begin, how about our art journal prompt from above (How do you feel about the upcoming season of your life?) Or, check out Seven Ways to Begin an Art Journal Page. 

Choose one way! And then the next day, choose one again.

 Let’s jump into our creative lives. Hind legs down now, feet firmly planted on the ground (yes, we can all be four-legged mammals in the wilderness of our hearts)—Let’s go!