A New Beginning

(I really hate taking my picture - but had to have something for my new website...)

(I really hate taking my picture - but had to have something for my new website...)

This week is a big week for me. I'm officially launching my new website!


Thanks so much for checking it out!

So. what can I tell you?

Well, first of all, do poke around Hello HeArt Journal a bit. You will find three main sections, at least for now, that are designed to help you build a vibrant art journaling and mixed media practice.

Without a lot of detail here's a quick overview:

In Introduction to Art Journaling, you'll find answers to the most foundational questions about art journaling, from what supplies to buy to the different reasons for art journaling to how to start and how to learn.

In Notes from the Inner Ground, we talk about the stuff that comes up when we art (HeART). If you wrestle with your inner critic, time, space giving yourself permission—that kind of thing—you're going to love this section.

Finally, Tutorials is just that: learn new techniques, acquaint yourself with new fun mediums, and generally learn how to do what. This is the section that will probably grow the most in time to come as I build useful and informative tutorials to help you gain skills and knowledge.

This is truly just the beginning—I have much more to add to each section. Whether you're new to this art journaling thing or you're a firmly-hooked art journaler like me who never tires of learning, sharing and gathering inspiration, this site is for you!

Hello HeArt Journal is a collection of resources—a website for art journalers—not a blog and not all about me. I'm building it because I love art journaling, I love teaching art journaling and I have experienced the power of this creative practice to crack open my creativity and connect with with my inner, intuitive self.

I want to share this practice with as many people as possible.

It's that simple.

You will find a lot more information about me and this site on the About page, and if you're curious, you can find samples of my art journal pages and a few of my mixed media pieces in the Gallery.

So about that big 'ol Subscribe button on the website...

I'm using this newsletter, Latest @ Hello HeArt Journal, as my main communication tool to keep you up to date. I won't go on and on and waste your time in my newsletter,—in fact, all this introductory stuff makes this edition the longest the Latest newsletter will ever be. I'll simply let you know when I add more material to the website , briefly share what I'm up to in my creative life and mostly importantly, give you a little burst of art journaling inspiration each time.

I'm thinking this will be a weekly thing, but I'm not going to make any promises except it surely won't be more than once a week, that's for sure!

So please subscribe to Latest @ Hello Heart Journal! if you haven't already. The newsletter will go directly to your email inbox and you'll never be out of the loop.

Finally, I welcome comments on the website and you can always email me with any questions or comments privately.

Also, you can always connect with me on my two favorite social media channels. You'll find icons that link to all three (email, Instagram and Pinterest) throughout the site.

And, if you would be so kind, please share my website with the people you know who love to be creative, who art journal, who might want to art journal if they only knew...that is, everyone!

So let's get this balling rolling, shall we?  I'd love to know what you think about my new project and if you have any burning questions about art journaling or ideas for future pieces, do let me know.

Here's to new beginnings.