Learning and Doing and Learning...Your Turn!

Hanging out at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park—it's become an annual October tradition. So fun to just hang out and listen to music in the park—and it's free!

Hanging out at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park—it's become an annual October tradition. So fun to just hang out and listen to music in the park—and it's free!

How's your art journaling going?

I'm as immersed as ever in my personal art journal (and in my other journals, too). I'm also busy working on all kinds of other projects that seem to be spilling out from my art journal practice, including ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), and several mixed media pieces. I have to say, my wonderful weekly arting group has been great inspiration and motivation—and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon. Want to see what I'm working on?

I finished this piece:


It is made of layers and layers of collage pieces that took a while to come together, let me tell you, but finally it did! Here's a close-up:


And then I'm still working on two other projects. One is an assemblage grouping that I should complete very soon. Here it is in progress:


And as for the other project, I've just begun is a rather ambitious fiber arts piece—it is sized at almost 24" square—so it will probably take me all winter to finish. It doesn't look like much now:


But here's a close-up of just a beginning of the embroidery. By the time it's done, I'm envisioning thread everywhere!


Good thing, early dark evenings are coming soon. Extra time to snuggle up at home in the evenings and create, create...

I hope that's where you'll be too!

Meanwhile, What's New Here at Hello Heart Journal

I've added two pieces to the website.

One post can be found in the Notes from the Inner Ground collection, called What happens if you art journal? We cover the under belly of the creative process in this post, and I was really glad to be able to share a few recently created ATCs, too.

I've also added a HUGE tutorial on image transfers to the Tutorial Library!

This project is a result of a bit of long-term curiosity about different methods for making image transfers. Image transfers are such great, transparent elements to use in mixed media. So I did a good deal of research and experimentation until I became quite familiar each of them.

So why keep it to myself? You can find information about transfer processes all over the internet, but I realized it could be super useful to people to 1) Get step by step instructions in one place for seven of the most common different methods, and to2) Get some clarification about what method to use for what kind of image—especially when doing transfers in your art journal.

So here it is! Tutorial: Seven Image Transfer Methods for Toner, Magazine and Inkjet Images. If you're interested in learning how to make image transfers with different methods, you now have one place to go for help. Enjoy!

A little behind the scenes talk

This was my largest tutorial project yet, and I have to say after doing it that I have so much more respect for art journal bloggers who put out tutorials all the time, like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer of Balzer Designs and Jenniebellie of Jenniebellie studios (two of my favorite online art journalers.)  Wow—it literally took me months to put this image transfer tutorial together, and they seem to create both video and blog tutorials every week! 

For me,the step-out photos was definitely the most challenging aspect of the project—and they took the most time—taking the right photos, editing them and then uploading them. But...now that this massive tutorial is completed and uploaded, I'm very glad I could share what I know with you! I'll definitely be adding more tutorials to Hello Heart Journal in the months to come—maybe not seven techniques in one, but yes, I'll be adding more tutorials.

Speaking of the future

I have lots of plans. My current personal journal is nearing completion and I'm working faster just so I can finish it and move on to the next one! I now know the exact "specifications" I want for this kind of journal—covers, binding, size, paper content, what multiple uses I have for said paper—so of course I will need my own custom book .  I'll be making this journal soon and I will definitely share both how I make use this kind of journal .

That's just the beginning of projects to make and share. And not only that, but I think I'm about to take some seriously exciting new steps in my arting life/journey—which I can 't share just yet, but soon...but I will!

Given all that I'm up to, a quick word about this newsletter if I may...

I started out not knowing how often I'd be creating Latest@Hello Heart Journal, but I think I've found a really good creative (and balanced) rhythm: I make things all month (website posts, art journal pages, mixed media pieces) and I'm sharing as I go on Instagram and Pinterest. So it feels right that I write the newsletter just once a month to update you on all that's going on. It feels right in my life and I hope if you're subscribed that this email schedule serves you as well. There's no need to clutter up your inbox with more news then you need.

If you're aren't subscribed yet and your reading this on my website, please subscribe by clicking on the subscribe button in the sidebar (or at the bottom) of this page. You too can get updates delivered directly to you email inbox!

And finally, if you ever have any questions or feedback you'd care to share...

Please, always feel free to email me here or send comments on your social media of choice, Instagram or Pinterest:

I'll be sure to get back to you.

So that's it, folks! I feel like I'm in a "create my HeArt out" phase right now and I do hope what I share will inspire you to create your HeArt out, too!

Have a great month!


Fall is For Art Journaling—Let’s Go!

Hi guys,

I hope you had a delightful holiday weekend (in the states). I sure did—enjoyed just the right amount of appetizers and cocktails, quiet art time and productive planning sessions. And now I’m rarin’ my way into fall.

Wait. Stop. I had to look that one up. Did you know that the idiom “rarin’ to go” probably means rearing to go, which means “to stand on one’s hind legs”— as in an undisciplined horse who is anxious to go and rears up on its hind legs?

Or Rufus (our dog) when we say the word “walk” or “hike” or, god forbid, “beach”. Ahem.

Anyway, I like that image very much and it pretty much describes how I’m feeling as summer makes its long and luxurious exit. I think I should make a page of mammalian me in my art journal, my front paws reaching up to the (clear, blue) sky: summer is over (dry, dry land in drought-parched California), fall is here (deep and saturated light). The text—Let’s go!

Let there be rain. Let there be crisp new art and friends and learning—new skills, new ideas,  new ways of making our way into the world with more light and laughter.

I will make that page in my art journal. What about you?  

What might you create to express your feelings about the upcoming season in your life?

(I think that’s an art prompt for you…should you choose to accept it (Do it, do!)

In the meantime…

The Latest around here is that I’ve added two more pieces to the website for you.


The first filed in Notes from the Inner Ground talks more about the Inner Critic. In The Inner Critic’s Seven Best Weapons, we go over the subtle but very effective ways the Inner Critic works to sabotage our creative efforts. It’s an eye opener and potentially a game changer for anyone who struggles to add more creativity into their lives. It might not be just that critical voice that keeps you from facing your fears.


The second new piece is a Tutorial Round-Up filled with links to great hand lettering tutorials for art journalers.  While I don’t want to be a professional hand letterer, I am learning and practicing lettering in my journals so that I can include text in different visual and personally expressive ways. So I thought I’d share links to some of the people I’ve learned from for your art journaling pleasure. Enjoy!

Creatively, I’m at a place where I can’t make and learn fast enough.

What about you?

Some say that here in the northern hemisphere we get this burst of energy to jump into a new season because we are so used to starting a new school year. But I don’t know. I think we all just naturally turn our attention back to our lives after (hopefully) a lot of summer R&R. If we took that needed time to disconnect and rejuvenate, we are, well, standing on our hind legs rarin’ to go!

So what are you working on? What are your plans?

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I’m working in my four art journals, each giving me a space to play and create or learn skills and techniques or focus on my inner self—or, as in the case of my personal art journal, all of the above.

All this art journaling propels my creativity and somehow I find myself also creating collage canvases and other kinds of mixed media pieces, teaching my next class (the first fall session begins tonight!), and I’m working on a couple of new projects I’m excited about and will share, soon.

If you are feeling the need to be creative, I hope you will open up your art journal and start creating. From there, your creativity will be sure to flow into all kinds of other projects.

You may feel some resistance at first. Especially if you’re new to art journaling or have been away from it for a while.

Don’t let that stop you!

Gather your essential supplies or close your door to your studio filled with all the supplies you want), go to a quiet place and let yourself create.

f you’re unsure of where to begin, how about our art journal prompt from above (How do you feel about the upcoming season of your life?) Or, check out Seven Ways to Begin an Art Journal Page. 

Choose one way! And then the next day, choose one again.

 Let’s jump into our creative lives. Hind legs down now, feet firmly planted on the ground (yes, we can all be four-legged mammals in the wilderness of our hearts)—Let’s go!






A new website and four art journals, oh my!


It's been a busy week around here as I get Hello Heart Journal off the ground.  Thanks to everyone who subscribed and emailed me your comments and well wishes. Also, thank you for passing along my site to others.

Feel free to keep doing that!

As I said in the first newsletter:

Hello HeArt Journal is a collection of resources—a website for art journalers—not a blog and not all about me. I'm building it because I love art journaling, I love teaching art journaling and I have experienced the power of this creative practice to crack open my creativity and connect with with my inner, intuitive self.

I want to share this practice with as many people as possible.

So as promised, I will keep the Latest update brief and to the point:

First, What's new at Hello Heart Journal

This week I added three pieces to the website AND I added a ton of pictures to a really detailed tutorial on not drawing faces and figures.  I think you'll see what I mean with all those photos.

So new additions to the website include:

What is an Art Journal rounds out the Introduction to Art Journaling section to include at least the most important information beginners need to get started. There's much more to add, still, but it's a good, solid start.

How Intuition Speaks is a very short piece where I share a typical conversation with intuition during collage.

Making Time and Space is my latest tutorial, filled with ideas for rearranging, re-thinking, and re-organizing time and space for your creativity (which is not the same as finding inner space and time, which I cover here.).

Finally, don't miss all the new photos I added to the tutorial, Four Ways to Create Images without Drawing Them.

I also added a new board to my Pinterest account called, of course, Hello Heart Journal. Now I can finally collect some of the photos from my website and share them with others on Pinterest, so that's really cool.

(I love Pinterest and I have to say it felt a little surreal to see my own pictures come up in my Pinterest feed! Feel free to follow me if you're a Pinterest user—and you can see those pictures in your feed, too!)

As for what I'm up to creatively...

Well, all this flury of writing, editing and photography is definitely creative—but as you imagine I've had to put most arting projects on the back burner these past few weeks.

In the meantime, though, I'm very happy that this week I could get to each of my four art journals.

Yes, you heard that right. I keep four different art journals.


And now I'm going to propose something you might also find surprising:

Consider doing something like that yourself.

What? Keep four art journals?  Am I crazy?

Okay, okay. Maybe don't keep four. One is fine. And if you're a beginner—definitely only start with one!

But this is the thing. Art journaling can do so many things for us—it can nurture our creativity, open up self expression, help us think, heal...Folding an art journaling practice of any kind into our lives (four journals or just one) does wonders.

For me, my practice currently includes four art journals:

I have a mixed media journal where I practice and play and generally make a big, wet mess (paint and ink and glue does that.) You see a lot of my work in this journal on the website.

I keep a very small, warm-up collage journal. I open to a new page in this journal when I'm feeling stuck.  I just throw in collage pieces and create a quick composition—usually from whatever leftovers collage sits on my desk. I spend very little time from page to page and I try not to think at all. Warm up happens every time and then I turn to something else.

I also keep a visual journal, which is a private image-making meditation sort of process I am learning. I'll be sharing more about that on the website sometime.

And finally, I've come to really love my personal art journal.  It sits by my bed, along with a few supplies (no wet media allowed besides a waterbrush and markers/pens), and this is where I do anything I feel like either first thing or last thing on most days. I write, make lists, doodle, think, plan, record, play, and it's totally private—you won't find detailed pictures on the website. But I will be talking a lot more about what that kind of journal can look like.

Anyway, I don't work in each of these journals every day (that would be crazy!)—and sometimes a week or even a month can go by without even opening a particular journal.

But I do pretty much do something in at least one art journal every day—if even for a few minutes. That is my practice.

And what I'm recommending is that you create your own regular practice, too. Whatever that may look like for you.

So more about what an art journal practice can look in days to come, but that's the latest around here for now...

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments—my email is denisejherman@gmail.com. I'd love to know what you think about my project and if you have any questions about art journaling or ideas for future pieces, let me know.

Finally, please share my website with the people you know who love to be creative, who art journal, who might want to art journal if they only knew...that is, everyone!

Here's to your art journal practice!


A New Beginning

(I really hate taking my picture - but had to have something for my new website...)

(I really hate taking my picture - but had to have something for my new website...)

This week is a big week for me. I'm officially launching my new website!


Thanks so much for checking it out!

So. what can I tell you?

Well, first of all, do poke around Hello HeArt Journal a bit. You will find three main sections, at least for now, that are designed to help you build a vibrant art journaling and mixed media practice.

Without a lot of detail here's a quick overview:

In Introduction to Art Journaling, you'll find answers to the most foundational questions about art journaling, from what supplies to buy to the different reasons for art journaling to how to start and how to learn.

In Notes from the Inner Ground, we talk about the stuff that comes up when we art (HeART). If you wrestle with your inner critic, time, space giving yourself permission—that kind of thing—you're going to love this section.

Finally, Tutorials is just that: learn new techniques, acquaint yourself with new fun mediums, and generally learn how to do what. This is the section that will probably grow the most in time to come as I build useful and informative tutorials to help you gain skills and knowledge.

This is truly just the beginning—I have much more to add to each section. Whether you're new to this art journaling thing or you're a firmly-hooked art journaler like me who never tires of learning, sharing and gathering inspiration, this site is for you!

Hello HeArt Journal is a collection of resources—a website for art journalers—not a blog and not all about me. I'm building it because I love art journaling, I love teaching art journaling and I have experienced the power of this creative practice to crack open my creativity and connect with with my inner, intuitive self.

I want to share this practice with as many people as possible.

It's that simple.

You will find a lot more information about me and this site on the About page, and if you're curious, you can find samples of my art journal pages and a few of my mixed media pieces in the Gallery.

So about that big 'ol Subscribe button on the website...

I'm using this newsletter, Latest @ Hello HeArt Journal, as my main communication tool to keep you up to date. I won't go on and on and waste your time in my newsletter,—in fact, all this introductory stuff makes this edition the longest the Latest newsletter will ever be. I'll simply let you know when I add more material to the website , briefly share what I'm up to in my creative life and mostly importantly, give you a little burst of art journaling inspiration each time.

I'm thinking this will be a weekly thing, but I'm not going to make any promises except it surely won't be more than once a week, that's for sure!

So please subscribe to Latest @ Hello Heart Journal! if you haven't already. The newsletter will go directly to your email inbox and you'll never be out of the loop.

Finally, I welcome comments on the website and you can always email me with any questions or comments privately.

Also, you can always connect with me on my two favorite social media channels. You'll find icons that link to all three (email, Instagram and Pinterest) throughout the site.

And, if you would be so kind, please share my website with the people you know who love to be creative, who art journal, who might want to art journal if they only knew...that is, everyone!

So let's get this balling rolling, shall we?  I'd love to know what you think about my new project and if you have any burning questions about art journaling or ideas for future pieces, do let me know.

Here's to new beginnings.