This Creative Life

Fun in the sun 2014
Fun in the sun 2014

I had some really good time playing this summer. It was a nice break from life.  And all the while, I kind of let my life settle in around me a bit. I let that deep mind push and pull over me, the way it does, tide in, tide out.

This creative life
This creative life

And thought about this creative life. And I thought I'd share:

I love to create and make and learn and share what I learn. These are my passions. Always have been. No matter what age or what phase of my life, I’m always happiest deeply engaged in making and learning and sharing it.

We’re all called to create something, but that something is different for each of us. I know that I need to create to express myself and to help others. Yet, while I enjoy many arts, like music or drama or sculpture, for instance, I am not called to express myself musically, dramatically or with a chisel. I am a visual person, someone who thinks in metaphor, visualizes, and I am a visual learner; I must see (not hear) to comprehend. I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to find arting!

Others among us are not called to creative expression. Instead, they create experiences or relationships or action, for example. Maybe they create structures or new ways of doing things. I strongly believe that everyone is creative. To be a human being is to be a creative being. I know a lot of people don’t think they are creative, but they are.

Whatever we are called to create, it is essential that we listen and do it.

Sometimes we discount this particular calling to be creative artistically, expressively, but it is a special and important calling—and we should honor it. The lucky among us play with their inner artist from a very young age and never lose that connection. Many of us need to recover our creative selves. We need to enter into our own creative recovery.

What I want to create and make and learn continues to evolve. I can look back and see how I much I always loved literature and art, always. I used to feverishly sew into my 20s and write poetry and short stories. Then I mostly let that go and turned to writing and editing commercially and then creating curriculum and then it came to me that designing systems and processes felt pretty creative…earning income may have had something to do with those later choices. From there, I discovered spirituality/yoga and indulged this curious fascination with entrepreneurship, also a creative undertaking...

And then—finally—I found art journaling and mixed media…and this blog. A nice balance between heart and mind.

Art journaling has become part of my almost daily life, and I am more and more in love with collage with all kinds of mixed media. The projects are beginning to stack up and, blissfully, I see no end in sight.

I now work (often feverishly) to learn and grow so that one day I can express myself in the most authentic and truest representation of myself as possible, which I think is a pretty good definition of expertise.

I also blog because I love writing and I think better in writing, and also a blog is something. It is itself a creative project, something I make. And just like any creation, I hope it might also shine light for others. I want this little creation to be useful and interesting for those on their own sparkling path and who share the same interests and questions and who also want to create “somethings”— too.

I see now that what I am always creating is my life. And when I am deeply engaged in what I love to do—which for me is making and learning and sharing it—I am deeply engaged with myself. And that, my friends is the only time when we are good for others, too.

Until next time...

sunset - creative life
sunset - creative life